Fitbit Zip Review

The Fitbit Zip is one of the useful pedometer that helps in keeping a tab on your fitness activities performed on a daily basis. It has the ability to count steps with accuracy unlike other pedometers. It offers wide range of features that motivates to move more and make small changes in your lifestyle to stay fit.  Some of the key features have been listed below.

Features at a glance

  • Tracks steps, calories burned and distance travelled all day
  • The large tap display offers quick and simpler way to check your daily stats
  • Discreet unit that can be clipped to your belt or pocket
  • The battery life is for 6 months and needs no charging in between

Benefits of Fitbit Zip

  • Apps and connectivity

The Fitbit Zip is indeed the best unit that has several useful tracking features. With the help of Fitbit app and the unit, users can customize their goals. Also, the data syncs through Bluetooth and the progress can be seen over time.

  • Best Tracking

This fitness tracker from Fitbit is the accurate unit that tracks the actual number of steps taken by users. There are other devices manufactured in the market, but Fitbit Zip beats all odds as it shows the exact count of the steps taken by users. Besides, the distance travelled and calories burned are also captured accurately. You can now turn your daily life into fitness through this simple device.

  • Good Design and Battery Life

The unit is designed in a way that makes it feasible to wear it anywhere. The clip is simple and can be attached to your clothes as well as accessories. It is made of silicone and metal which makes it durable and has anti slipping feature. The tracker easily fits inside the silicone body and slips out easily when you need to replace the battery. In addition, the pedometer works with a coin cell battery which is known to provide 6 months battery life before replacement. This is indeed one of the impressive features of Fitbit Zip.

  • User-friendly

The Fitbit Zip is in fact one of the few units that allow you to track almost every stats in real time on the screen. The screen is small and easy to read in low light and daylight. You can either tap the unit or swipe it to operate. The LCD display shows the steps, distance, calories burned as well as the time. It is quite user friendly and when you switch it on, you will find a smiley face which motivates you to kick start your day. It is not complicated and one can change modes easily.


Thus, the Fitbit Zip is indeed the best pedometers that simplify the process of achieving good health and fitness. The user friendly app works well with the step counter and motivates users to meet their step goals effectively. If you wish to take some more steps or want to track the existing ones, the Fibtit Zip is the ideal choice to make. It is fun to wear and makes your fitness activities enjoyable.