Fitbit Surge Review

Fitbit has always been one of the leading fitness tracking devices available in the market. The Fitbit Surge is however different from its predecessors having features similar to a GPS sports watch. The design of the Fitbit Surge makes it an all-in-one gadget playing the multiple roles of a sports watch, a fitness tracker and even a regular watch for everyday use. It is a rather powerful Fitbit model which has GPS tracking, heart rate monitor and real-time workout features. However, it comes with some more exciting features and a bigger LCD screen which explains the high price tag.

Reasons to choose the Fitbit Surge:

  • To start with, this model of Fitbit offers a far more robust sleep-management tool. This will allow you to track the amount of sleep you get every night and also inform you when the right time is to go to bed and wake up.
  • The Fitbit Surge has been designed to maximize your workout performance. So, you will benefit from a larger LCD screen. You can also cycle easily through the different statistics on the display. The interface is back-lit and it lets you monitor your miles, steps, activities and heart rate through a black-and-white screen. It also upgrades to a more user-friendly touchscreen where there are three buttons for your use. Users can enjoy greater control over this device, whether it is setting workout timers or playing music.
  • Below the watch band, there is a heart rate monitor. The Surge manages to capture the heart rate after every 5 seconds when you are not working out and after every second when you exercise. The end of the straps has a clasp which makes it easy to fasten this fitness tracker to your wrist. The strap is about an inch wide and the watch case is about half-an-inch thicker compared to the previous models.
  • There are as many as eight sensors fitted into the large frame; this explains why the Fitbit Surge is bigger than the earlier models. The Fitbit Surge calculates the steps that you have taken and the stairs that you have climbed throughout the day. It uses the data to calculate the total distance which you have traveled and the total number of calories that you have burned.
  • The best part about using the Fitbit Surge is that it can track the actual exercise sessions. It has a built-in GPS function and the Surge can therefore measure the distance, time and speed when you exercise. GPS tracking works well in this device and you can also configure it to get vibrating alerts based upon time and distance.
  • Moreover, the Fitbit Surge tracking also works without the phone. So, you can even leave it at home, something that the Apple Watch fails to provide. Exercises included are weights, yoga, elliptical, stair climber, workout, circuit training, kickboxing, boot camp, walking, golf, tennis and also martial arts.

To conclude, the Fitbit Surge resembles a sports watch and Fitbit brands it as sleek fitness watch. It may have a larger display but it lightweight and equipped with 8 sensors to offer in-depth and varied functions. Like the Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Charge HR, there is an altimeter to measure the floors you have climbed. This model appears to outdo all the other Fitbit models and other fitness trackers because of its multi-sport tracking feature. Users can view a comprehensive summary of their workout intensity based upon the calories they have burned and their heart rates.