Fitbit Alta Review

The Fitbit Alta is a device with a difference because it is sleek and stylish and the first of its kind to be launched by the company. The Fitbit Alta is affordably priced; it is slim and a versatile tracker which you can wear to the gym and office or even for evening gatherings. This fitness tracker comes with many exciting features, customizable styles and a longer battery life supported by the companion app. The Fitbit Blaze appears to offer some more innovations but that does not affect Alta’s popularity. For instance, the Fitbit Alta does not come with a heart-rate sensor like the Blaze; this may deter athletes from buying the Alta. However, for those of you who are simply interested in quantifying your everyday activities and seeing how well you sleep at night, Fitbit Alta makes for a great purchase.

What makes the Fitbit Alta a good buy?

    • To start with, the Fitbit Alta has come out with a new feature called the Sleep Schedule. This not only tracks the amount of hours you have slept in the night, but it also compares your data with that of other users. So, it comes up with custom goals which guide you as to when you should go to sleep and when to wake up every morning.
    • The Fitbit Alta is fitted with a rectangular OLED screen which has a bi-color display. The look is not fancy but very simplistic and basic. It offers easy-to-read information for the users. Compared to other fitness trackers, the look of the Alta is quite attractive because you can even get leather straps in place of the metal ones. The module is simplistic but elegant; the plastic coating resembles the feel and look of glass. The body of these fitness trackers are covered in brushed metal casings and they have charging ports unlike the snap-in chargers in the Fitbit Surge or the Fitbit Charge.
    • In terms of comfort the Fitbit Alta appears to score very high because it can be worn day and night. The module curves slightly and the side touching the wrist is concave so as to fit the natural curve in any one’s wrist. The latch system is also hassle-free and can fasten securely. The fit is snug and there are two push pins at one side and some holes on the other to fasten these.
  • Under the display, this device is fitted with an accelerometer which can track steps and gets activated into the SmartTrack mode. The device runs on Bluetooth and has a vibration motor which will buzz you to send you notifications. The Fitbit Alta will automatically record the morning workouts in its app and you will not need to make any effort for this. It is capable of identifying walking, outdoor biking, running and elliptical training.
  • The interface is also rather simplistically designed with the screen showing the time; you are also able to switch between calories burned, time, steps etc. The Sleep Schedule as mentioned is also a part of this model and it gives you a closer look at your sleep patterns. This fitness tracker even lets you connect to other third-party fitness tools.
  • The app is very easy to use and you can set up challenges with family and friends to keep yourself motivated. Some activities are automatically detected with the help of its SmartTrack technology. It is possible to check the progress by tapping on the screen.
  • You can download the Fitbit app on Windows platform as also on Android, Mac and iOS. This device is known for its stellar battery life which is arguably the best feature.